Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to celebrate, Emily and Lyndsey!

It's been a while since I've posted, my apologies to my 5 readers, and yes, I am being generous.  But, this is an important day, not only because it's a Tuesday, which means one day closer to the weekend, but because today is the day 2 of my wonderful friends came into this world a whole 23 years ago.  Happy Birthday to Emily and Lyndsey! 

Extra Ordinary
Incredibly wonderful

Lovely in every way

Young and fabulous
Notorious-as in B.I.G
Dancing queen
Supremely Sensible

Oh, and Happy Hunger Games Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Greetings From

Greetings from Florida...well, almost! The fam and I are heading to FL for a week of fun in the sun, wonderful children's rides, and Lilly filled days! Enjoy you're week, all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Update: Lofts for Less

I was a busy little bee this weekend.  Friday my day consisted of getting my oil changed, a much needed haircut, constructing our new desk, and hosting friends for dinner that.  Saturday Joel and I went to visit my sister and brother in-law.  She and I got to shop the streets of Cambridge while the boys enjoyed beers nearby.  Sounds about right.  Annnddd, I finally feel as though our loft in our apartment is complete.  

Below are some before and after pictures of this quaint, but slightly awkward space.  Every apartment in our building has a loft, which is both great and not so great.  It's very appealing to have a second living area that can be home to the less feminine household items, such as Joel's 3 guitars and amp.  While I love Joel's passion for music, it does come with quite the assortment of tools.  The loft, or as Joel prefers to call it, "the studio" has always felt a little unfinished and hodge podgey to me.  While Joel's convinced I like to change things after only a weeks time (not true by the way), I was was only doing that because I felt that the room was unfinished.  With the lovely addition of our new desk, which was Joel's idea, and a little TLC I think this room has finally come together and I couldn't be happier!

The best part, we didn't have to break the bank to make the small, but much needed improvements.  The desk was on price cut at Target for the weekend, each pillow featured above is from the lovely home section of T.J. Maxx (I truly am a maxxinista), and most knick-knacks were either Homegoods purchases or hand-me downs from my mom or Joel's.  


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was nothing short of fabulous.  I got to see some of my absolutely wonderful girlfriends.  While we didn't organize a synchronized dance to show off at the bar we went to, because yes, these are the sort of things we hope to do one day, it was still quite special, along with some of our dance moves.  And while some of those moves were documented, I didn't want to post them in case any of you got jealous, because you would.  Happy Tuesday weekend update!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time to Celebrate, Brittany!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful and fabulous friend!!!

A year in the life of Miss Brittany, remember when...

We counted our blessings and hosted "friends" Thanksgiving.
We surprised your socks off with an amazing surprise party.
Our car rides to Gil's.
We got silly at beerfest.
We drank Skinny Girl and relived prom.
We were the only ones who got the senior shirt memo.
We made Lilly proud.
We celebrated in the Berkshires.
We pretended we were still in college and attended our first alumni weekend.
We celebrated one of my absolute favorite people's birthdays, you!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update

While I've learned a thing or two about cooking since living in an apartment for the last two years, Joel's a different story.  During college Joel mostly lived off chicken nuggets, ramen noodles, and probably a slew of other things I don't even want to know about.  Needless to say, he's not entirely domesticated, but we're working on it.  As you look below you'll notice Joel featured as professional cutter for this meal.  We enjoyed a lazy Sunday together while listening to some fun music, which I'm finding Joel really enjoys to do while cooking, and got cookin'! We made white bean chicken chili, which I prefer over beef chili.  I even got Joel to wear an anthro apron, but he refused to let me take a photo of it.  Sad, I know.

What you'll need:
-peppers of your choice
-can of white beans
-chili powder
-ground cumin
-chili seasoning packet
-bag of frozen cor

Put the peppers, onion, and garlic in pot for 10 minutes before adding other ingredients.
Add chicken, spices, corn, and beans.  Let sit for two hours.